Apr 022014

Phoenix loves queen palms, but queen palms don’t love Phoenix. In fact, queen palms downright detest having to be in Phoenix. Why? Although these plants certainly enjoy all the sunshine that the valley has to offer, they prefer a slightly acidic, well drained soil, the very opposite of our very alkaline, compact soil. These palms, native to Brazil, are very high maintenance and need a lot of TLC to keep them healthy, especially in high alkaline soils. They need fertilized regularly, and must be watered properly and sufficiently. These ubiquitous plants suffer greatly in our type of soil from mineral deficiencies, particularly manganese, and also potassium in older fronds, which is very evident by the yellowing and frizzled look that they display. If untreated, these deficiencies will cause severe decline, and eventually death.


Queen palms are beautiful, and are particularly popular around pools to give a tropical look, but they must be cared for properly. We will be more than happy to go over a maintenance and care program for your queen palms.