Apr 012014

The truth is, trees are very much taken for granted. They are cut upon, chopped on, hacked, highly neglected, and abused in almost every way imaginable, usually with no expectation that the tree may suffer. Almost always, this is simply due to a lack of knowledge and education. Trees, like people have certain needs to maintain their maximum health. Although these needs are for the most part taken care of in a tree’s natural habitat, even in nature, they can face adversity in one form or another. This being the case, imagine the great odds that can be stacked against a tree when it is taken from it’s natural environment and placed into the very harsh conditions of an urban forest, especially here in the valley where the vast majority of the trees are not even native to the valley, or even the southwest for that matter. This is when an arborist is especially valuable, if not just plain necessary.


An arborist is someone who is educated, trained, and equipped to properly care for your trees. Being such a large investment, the care of your trees is not a matter that should be taken lightly. Arboriculture is both an art and a science, and should be approached with a holistic view, covering all aspects of the tree itself, and it’s environment. A properly trained arborist can help you and your trees meet your specific and individual needs. Arborists will know the proper and scientific way to prune your tree, if and when it needs fertilized, are able to detect present problems, and also conditions that may become problems. They can give risk and hazard assessments, and assist in the decision whether or not to remove a tree. Removing a tree can be an outright dangerous job that requires an arborist that has the knowledge and equipment to remove it correctly and safely, minimizing the risk involved.


Make sure that your arborist is affiliated with professional and reputable organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), The Arizona Community Tree Council (ACTC), The Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other well known industry or consumer advocate groups. Also, do not hesitate to ask a company for proof of insurance. There are countless stories of homeowners and businesses that have ended up paying large sums of money due to damages and injuries caused by companies that claimed to be insured. Tree companies are required by law to carry a certain amount of liability insurance, as well as workers compensation. We encourage you not to make yourself liable by asking to see proper documentation before agreeing to any work. Design Tree Maintenance will gladly provide you with a copy of our current policies at your request.